Wondering where to start? Then you've come to the right place! In this tutorial we will be covering the basics of Hexxit to help you start out. Have fun!

Getting Hexxit

Downloading and running Hexxit is very easy. All you need to do is to go to www.technicpack.net , click on your operating system and download the launcher. Once your launcher has been downloaded, log in with your Minecraft details and scroll down the list until you find Hexxit. Now click "PLAY" and wait for Hexxit to launch. Don't worry if it takes longer than vanilla Minecraft, there are a lot of mods to download and launch.

The start

When you join the server, you will start in the spawn world. There are portals around the spawn. Since you're new, you will probably want to choose between Wild 1 and Wild 2. These worlds never reset, which means that you can safely build your base there without worrying about it getting erased. 

When you first join, you will only have your first book about the tinker construct mod. To get some items, type /vote in the chat. This will bring up 4 links that you can click to vote for cash and items. (Remember, the name you put in must be the same as your Minecraft name. It's also case sensitive). You can also play MobArena for some starter items, to play MobArena, type /ma join.

Once you've picked a world from the portals at spawn, run to the warp board and click [RandomSpawn]. Try to make sure you're as far away from spawn as possible. The world border is 10000 blocks in all directions, so don't worry about walking too far.

The perfect setup

When you found a perfect spot to build, do /f create (faction name). That will create your very own faction! Type /f autoclaim and walk around your place so you claim all the land (to stop autoclaiming just type /f autoclaim again). When you feel safe do /f sethome.  That will set your factions home, you can teleport there by typing /f home. This will work for you and also for other faction members. (other faction members can be invited by typing /f invite (name)) To chat only with your faction buddies, do /f chat f. Or why not chat with your enemies ? Just use /f chat e!

Since you have some money from voting, you can now go to /warp mall and get some starter items. Now go back to your faction home, (remember that command? It's /f home) craft yourself some weapons and armory (if you need a crafting recipe, open your inventory, in the bottom bar under your inventory search for the item name, the item will appear on the right and either right click it or hit 'u' to open the recipe on how to make it) Giant swords are useful, because they have the ability to temporary shield you from all damage, sweet right? This can be achieved by holding right click with the sword when you're taking damage.

Loot'n Pillage!

Before you go looting BattleTowers, remember to use /warp resources. This is an unraided word with lots of BattleTowers and dungeons waiting for you to loot them. You might think; Why didn't I build my house here? It's simple. The word resets every 2 weeks to keep stuff new and clean.

Now go conquer some dungeons, get more loot and make a base of pure awesomeness (not in the resource world though). This is just the beginning. The thing you're aiming for is making friends and raiding other people. But to do that you will need a certain charisma you should say, or awesome gear to be more precise. Try looting or crafting scale armor, thief armor or tribal armor. These are the 3 legendary gears in game.

Tribal armor

When wearing the full set, the player gets infinite Night Vision, Strength, and Jump Boost III potion effects. This armor is good for rangers because of the jump boost and night vision, but can also serve as a melee set.

Thief armor
While wearing all four pieces of the armor, the player gets the Strength and Night Vision potion effects. The armor set also grants the wearer increased movement speed, more than doubling it. This is excellent for scouting due to the speed boost and night vision.

Scale armor
While all four pieces of armor are equipped, the player gets infinite Strength , Resistance I, and Fire Resistance II potion effects. This is excellent for Melee combat, because of the resistance, strength, and fire resistance II. (Useful in the nether)

Advanced stuff

Once you've built your base and gotten the basic tools, you may want to start looking for a soul reaper. (White scythe found in battletowers) With this item, you can collect souls by killing mobs with it and putting those souls in an essence keeper that you make with 3 enderpearls. Try making a soul altar for later uses. You store souls in soul crucibles that you put around your soul altar. (same setup as putting bookshelves around an enchantment table) You can make soulweave wool used to make soulweave clothing (put 1 wool in it (consumes 5 souls)) and livingmetal ingots (put 1 iron ingot in it (consumes 5 souls)) with the altar of souls.

Hints & Tips

- Knockback enchantment on melee weapons or power enchantment on bows can help to knockback golems of their own towers so you can get the loot without getting hurt.

- Boss mobs drop great loot! Just look out, some may poison you, wither you, teleport to you or even make you drop your weapon!

- Note that if you use the tinker construct mod and make the special weapons or tools, there is a way of enchanting them! 

How? Simply use the anvil and an enchanted book and add anything you want to them! 

- In PvP battles or facing bosses, always bring healing items with you just in case something goes wrong.

- A great way to get away from a fight is using an electric staff to fly away.

You can also take advantage of other staffs such as the ice staff to slow enemies,

Or my all time favorite; the water staff to trap your oppotents in a bubble making them float a few blocks up and then bursting again making the player fall.

- The ender medallion is a great tool if you put it on your sword, just hold right click to charge it, then when fully charged smack whilst aiming at another player and you will teleport to them, right clicking in the next 3 seconds after you teleported makes you teleport back to your old spot. (Note that you can teleport through blocks or doors)

- To get to the nether, simply use /warp nether

- If the tool you make with the tinker construct mod breaks, you can just repair it again! 
It won't vanish, it will just say "Broken" and can be repaired with the material you used to make it in the tool station!


Green: Easy.
Orange: Somewhat tricky.
Red: Dangerous without a plan.

Pirate boss: can multiply and teleport.
Walker boss: can throw you around and at 250 health his armor will break making you hit harder. BUT the walker boss can heal so look out.
Liche: tends to spam melee skeletons and uses a darkness staff that leeches health, the skeletons the liche spawn also regen the liches health if they hit you.
Turtle boss: slow bur armored boss. Can get significant speed boost when spinning around.
Battletower golem: quite an easy boss to defeat, try not to stand to close or you will be damaged greatly. Oh yeah, it shoots explosive fireballs.
Golem boss: can be killed with ease by running around it and hitting it, if you stay still it will tableflip you quite high. Major concern is fall damage when fighting this boss.

Tinker Construct

Getting Started

A book is placed into your inventory as you spawn and as you create mod items. These books give any crafting recipe that you will need for this mod. In the first book you will be given two sets of recipies. One is made of wood tables and the other is for seared bricks and what comes from them. To get a second instructional book, craft and place one of the four wood tables. To get the third instructional book, craft and place one of the seared brick pieces. The 4 structures you will be using are these:

-Stencil Table
Stencil Tables are used to turn blank patterns and casts into patterns and casts for specific tool parts in the Tinkers' Construct mod. To make a pattern or cast, simply place the blank pattern or cast in the slot in the table, and cycle through the pattern options with the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons.

-Pattern Chest
The Pattern Chest is a chest specially made for storing stencils and casts, the chest has 30 slots in total (10 columns and 3 rows). No other object apart from stencils and casts can be stored within this chest. Placing a Pattern Chest next to a Part Builder will make the Pattern Chest's inventory appear in the Part Builder's UI, allowing for easy access to the patterns stored inside.

-Part Builder
Part Builders are required to craft parts of tools and weapons in the Tinkers' Construct mod. In order to craft a part, you need the pattern for that part, and the material. Each pattern has a material cost. The material cost refers to how many ingots are required to make that pattern's part. All material costs are either 0.5 or 1. If a whole ingot is used to craft a part that only requires half an ingot, a shard of that material will be crafted alongside that part. Shards are worth half an ingot, and can be used to craft other parts with a material cost of 0.5. Two shards of the same material can be used to craft a part with a material cost of 1. (In the new update every kind of ore or mineral has to be smelted and poured in casts, iron, bronze etc etc)

-Tool Station
Used to put together the parts you made in the part builder and making the tool/weapon you want.

-Tool Forge
The tool forge is a more advanced version of the tool station which allows you to make advanced tools such as the excavator and the hammer. Typically the advanced tools have a much higher resource requirement.

-How to make casts

You must now create the casts from prefabricated parts. The process is roughly this:

1. Make the stencil for the part that you want at the Stencil Table. With an empty stencil, press next pattern or previous pattern to cycle through the patterns in the Stencil Table.

2. Place the stencil on the Part Builder.

3. Place stone into the Part Builder and make a stone part. The stencil will tell you how much material you will need; ex: "Material Cost: 8" requires 8 Stone.

4. Place the stone part onto the Casting Table.

5. Create a cast. Empty the liquid gold or liquid aluminum brass from the Smeltery onto the Casting Table (the part should still be there) by right clicking the faucet. In order for this to work, the gold or aluminum brass must be the first ore in the smeltery, as the smeltery can only release the bottom-most ore. To remove any unwanted ores, you can place a faucet over a basin and right click to drain it. This will create a part cast, which you can then use as a basis to cast other parts directly from the Smeltery. Simply place the fresh part cast onto the casting table and pour whatever liquid metal you want to use onto the cast.

It's a little time-consuming to do this, but it's worth it.


Materials & Properties

Mining speed: is the relative speed at which the tool will gather materials, be it mining ores or chopping down trees. It should be noted that this number is irrelevant for weapons

Mining level: indicates what materials a Pickaxe of that material would be able to mine. It should be noted that this can be improved for low-level materials by affixing a Diamond to a Pickaxe via the Tool Station.

Base damage:
..is a measure of damage (in hearts) done to an enemy with 0 armor.

The more damaged the tool is how faster it will mine.

10% chance per level to not wear out the tool on use.

The more damaged the tool is how more damage it will do.

One extra modifier per piece

Special Utility Items

-Essence Extractor

By right-clicking on it, you can store your experience inside the Extractor.
If you left-click on it, you get an Essence Crystal that will give you your Experience back as soon as you eat it.
Plus if you use your Experience on anything, then right-clicking on the Extractor again, you keep the levels like you never used them


The Drawbridge is a machine, added by Tinkers' Construct, that allows for a bridge to be built up to 15 blocks long. The Drawbridge is activated with a redstone current and is deactivated by taking away the redstone current. The Drawbridge can also be camouflaged with most every solid block. The drawbridge can be placed vertically as well, so you can have it go up or down.

-Crafting Station

Crafting Station is a block added by Tinkers' Construct. Crafting Stations look like regular Crafting Tables but smaller. It acts like a regular Crafting Table. The primary difference is that items will stay in the Crafting Station and not drop when the GUI is closed.

-Casting Channels

Casting Channel is a block added by Tinkers' Construct. Casting Channel are used to allow multiple Casting Tables and Casting Basins to be used from a single Smeltery Drain. However, their transfer rate is very slow, and they can't be controlled to stop once they start draining.


Igniter is a new item from the Tinkers' Construct mod. When powered by a Redstone current, the Igniter will create fire wherever the Netherrack large plate on top is pointing. When the power is turned off, the fire disappears.


The Knapsack is an item added from the Tinkerers Construct mod. Once crafted, you can put it in your Armor GUI Knapsack tab shown on the very top. (3rd Tab) In the Knapsack slot. It adds in a 27 slot (9 x 3) extra storage container.


Landmine is a block added by Tinkers' Construct. Landmines come in four varieties for different uses. The first type may be triggered by nearly everything, the second by mobs, players, and redstone. The third may be triggered by players and redstone, and the last by redstone only.

This guide was last updated: The 25th of July 2014

Credits: Ricfield12 and BAILEY16