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To kick off the new year, for a limited time only, there will be a 50% discount on all ranks! This discount period starts as of this post and will expire at the end of January.

Happy new year everyone!

December is here and starting the 18th of December, MCConquer will host a Christmas Skywars Tournament! Sign up before the 18th of December and claim your title as the best Skywars player on the server.


- 1st Prize -
2 500 000$ in game!
Rarified armor: 4 rare armor pieces and 1 weapon made Unique [1/3] of your choice!

- 2nd Prize -
500 000$ in game!
Uncommon armor, 4 uncommon armor pieces and 1 rarified weapon of your choice!

- 3rd Prize -
100 000$ in game!
Uncommon weapon of your choice.

Go to this thread for more info and to sign up. Sign-ups close the 18th of December at 7 PM.

Good luck!

I present to you...
The summer update! (AKA the anti-annoyance update)

Added for the summer update:

* (NEW) Resource world now resets DAILY

- And automatically. Never run out of resources again :)

* (NEW) Server crash glitch fixed

- A glitch involving crashing the server using minecarts has been patched

* Head glitch fixed
- You no longer crash when breaking heads

* /kills fixed
- Be the #1 killer on the server.

* Ghost glitching in spawn fixed
- No more wondering if the player / item is actually there.

* More anti-grief mechanisms in place
- Rewritten anti grief plugin specifically for Hexxit!

* You no longer auto drop your magic pickaxe
- Added due to popular demand. You now auto switch slot instead.

* No more spam in the VIP shop
- Annoying feature finally fixed

* New warning before entering Mobarena with backpacks
- Keeps you from losing your items.

* Daggers work again
- Glitches fixed and unbanned

* MAJOR security updates for your safety
- Prevents server from being compromised again

* Fixes to the PVP log plugin - pvp crashing is now much rarer
- It is now safer to PvP when frequently crashing.

* You can now vote to start SkyWars
- Only three votes required, /swvote

* Essence extractors fixed
- Nope.avi to infinite levels.

* Exp levels no longer vanish when switching worlds
- So you can bring home your resource levels.

* New SkyWars map - Alien's Plant
- Built by Thewasper

BananaBear22 VIP Wonder if I can get veteran
Funnydoubt VIP Very nice.
Conman304 PROVIP+Explorer I could get veteran rank hehe

So I was browsing the Hexxit wiki for interesting stuff today and came across these interesting items that were apparently supposed to be used by Hexxit multiplayer servers for economy.

I thought it sounded great and then I realized that it might even work as economy for MCConquer. So here's my proposal.

The current command based economy is replaced with shillings, florins, sovereigns and marques. 

Items that, as of right now, serve no purpose at all.

The benefit to adding these as the economy system would be that economy would be more graspable, easy to use and would be more compatible, plus we would get a use for previously worthless items! For instance we could use custom villagers for shops.

Crafting of these items have been (temporarily) disabled while the community votes on the suggestion. If the new economy plugin gets added, crafting will keep being disabled to prevent unlimited money.

There are two alternatives to how this system could work,

a) Set worth - each item has a set worth, for instance one shilling should ALWAYS be worth 10$

b) Custom worth - each item has a worth within a range, a shilling could be worth from 1$ up to 10$

Thread to vote on whether the new feature should be added:

ClassN Although I'd love a black market...that approach wouldn't work, SwagSchool. Everyone would find out rather eas...
The Forgotten x I wanted a Black Market somewhere hidden in spawn, trade with villagers for rarer items.
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